History - Pius Branzeu Center

For a very long period of time, the scientific research activity developed heterogeneously and in small collectives in ourUniversity of Medicine and Pharmacy. In 1963, while I was in charge with the students’ science clubs, a main laboratory was opened, serving both research and didactic activity, welcoming students and staff as well. It represented a first attempt to centralize research with a special accent on the fundamental one. Personally, while I was promoted as rector of the Institute in 1964, Iinitiated a vast action of research restructuring and stimulation. In 1965 the Ministry of Education approved the financing of the present center. Two years later, in 1967, we had already started the research activity in the new building, though it was still undergoing a finishing process.

The official opening took place only in 1970. The new building, equipped with two operating rooms and the necessary annexes, a laboratory for pathologic anatomy, a biochemistry section, a immunology laboratory and a radiology chamber, represented a fresh start for the research activity, now mainly focused on larger and more complete themes. As there was no more need to equip eachdiscipline in part, the center was endowed with modern apparatuses. Moreover, a photo and a cinematic studio were equipped making thus possible the study of large research topics in parallel, and of complementary actions at the sametime. The animals were provided by the Animal House working at satisfactoryparameters due to the attention which it was given all along. The fundamental research activity spread over a period of more than seven years, materialized in 21 contributions and, 16 articles, out of which 8 were published in different well known foreign reviews. Furthermore, there were several contributions and films presented at scientific conferences or congresses in France, Germany and Yugoslavia.

Among the special results I would like to mention the discovery of the post-mortem terminal circulation reversal in shock states with intense vasoconstriction, an unknown phenomenon prior to the date the results were published (Presse Médicale, nr. 28, 1971) The research was a part of our day-to-day activity bringing us unexpected and wonderful results.

But, if we were to imagine a diagram of our activity within the center, we would realize that our strong and enthusiastic start was a mere shooting star that shined for a while and then was lost in the darkness. In 1986, due to all kinds of difficulties among which the lack offunds and animals, especially dogs, the center was closed. Fortunately the present Leadership of the Medicine and Pharmacy University has revived the good old research center, endowing it with modern equipment and “fuel” so that our star will keep on shining for a very long time.

Pius Branzeu,
Member of the Romanian Academy