Microsurgery Department

The lab for experimental surgery has a dedicated room fully equipped for microsurgical experiments. We offer:
  • Leica table-top microscopes
  • Videocamera CCD
  • Aesculap bipolar coagulator for microsurgery
  • Photo camera classic and digital
  • DVD video recording of the procedures
  • Sony S-VHS video-recorder
  • Videoprinter
  • Aesculap instruments including
    ophthalmological and bipolar coagulators

Transplant Immunology and Cell Therapies

The lab is located at 1st floor of the Pius Branzeu Center for Laparoscopic Surgery and Microsurgery, near the main building of the Victor Babes University for Medicine and Pharmacy, in Timisoara.

The lab has one main room where all the daily research is done, an additional room as an extension, where the laboratory fridge, the -80° C freezer and the liquid nitrogen tank are located. Both rooms are connected with the secretary office.

The laboratory is equipped with a complete line for flowcitometry (FACSSort flowcitometer, Beckton Dickinson, USA) and MacPro computer unit which runs with the CellQuest Pro software. The device is used daily to perform cell surface phenotyping of dendritic cells, T-cells or endothelial progenitor cells and also for proliferation or cell death apoptosis assays (CFSE assay, Annexin V/7-AAD assay). All cell culture protocols are performed in a HEPA-filtered Sterile Hood and cells are expanded and cultured in a self regulating incubator at 37° C and 5% CO2. The laboratory also possesses 2 high-grade centrifuges with cooling capacity (Haereus Megafuge Series).

For protein isolation and characterization as well as for PCR analysis the laboratory is equipped with a full line of both vertical and horizontal electrophoresis units from Bio-Rad. Also, for protein sequence amplification, an Applied-Biosystems thermo-cycler is used. For gel documentation, the laboratory is equipped with a Bio-Rad Gel-Doc 2000 system suited with a Sony video-printer.